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Sunday, January 9, 2011


I just want to share what made this Mamee Blogger very happy. Just this afternoon, I received a message in FB from my kumareng Jhen’s sister, Janette. I don’t mean to offend her or anything, but honestly we are not really friends na dikit. We’re just casual friends because of her Ate Jhen whom I truly love. We didn’t have the opportunity to know each other more back in college. And it’s so sweet of her to send me this message:
I am deeply touch getting message like this =) All my blogs are worth the read pala because in a simple way, I am making other’s smile, laugh and learn. Imagine may napupulot palang lesson sa blogs ko! I am so overwhelmed too thinking that through this new hobby, I am gaining more and more friends =)

Thanks so much Janette, from the bottom of my chubby heart! You really inspired me to be more masipag in updating my blogs. You can make your own blog too, it’s a good and healthy way to express yourself =)

And to Pyra Labs, the person behind the Blogger Service in Google, thank you! If without her fabulous idea, this blogging wouldn’t be possible. Thank you thank you Ms. Labs! Labs labs yah!

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