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Sunday, January 2, 2011


For the first time in many months, I was able to sleep for 9 hours straight. What a great way to start the 2011! I love our Mimay more because nakisama talaga sya. Me so happy! Here are some of our wacky photos on the first morning of 2011.
Late afternoon, we went to Dubai Creek Park to unwind, relax and enjoy the cold weather. We played in the park slides, swing and rented family bike to roam around the park. Super enjoy ang Mimay as well as Dadee. I’m just very sorry for the blurry photos. We came there late that’s why quality of photos is not that good anymore. We don’t have DSLR yet and that gives enough explanation =) We promise to come back on this park because it’s really a nice place for kids and even adults to chill and play.
You have to give credit to Mamee Nani for Mimay’s hairdo. Cute isn’t it? Super effort ako jan!
On our way home, we pass Max shop which is located very near our building. I personally love this shop because they almost have everything from new born all the way to adult clothes at affordable prices. They have ladies blouses for as low as AED 30 (approx Php 360)! Bongga db? So we went inside to shop for Mimay. I want to start the year getting things for our baby dearest. Nanay na talaga ko, I am selfish no more!

Anak, I just pray when you’re big enough to understand things and you come across this blog, you will come to thank Mamee for always putting you in her priority. Sobra ka namin love ni Dadee mo.

And jaaraaann!! These are the super cutey clothes we got for Mimay! I bet you, she looks a tiny fashionista.
For all new parents out there, be prepared to buy things for your child that is twice the price of adult clothes. It’s a reality we parents have to face. But it’s all worth it! Their cuteness is more than enough for us to pay huge amounts in the cashier =)

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