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Saturday, January 15, 2011



If you noticed in my previous blog entries, when Mimay and Naynay came here in Dubai, I started posting blogs about our weekly escapades. It’s more of a photoblog summarizing all our Dubaiventures. But after 4 weeks, I felt that this is also coming like a countdown to my grief that’s why I stopped. I don’t want to count the weeks anymore. Although it seems very impossible as long as my kalendaryo sa mundo! Hayz ;’(
We only have 38 days remaining with our daughter, more than 5 weeks left for us to be with her. Iniisip ko pa lang parang hindi na ko makahinga sa lungkot. As much as I want her to stay here with us, situations are difficult as of now. Nobody will take care of Mimay since Naynay had to be back in Pinas for many reasons. One of those is that her visa will soon end. Husband and I are both not comfortable in getting a nanny here for Mimay. Kawawa yung yaya I’m sure! And Mimay will surely look for her Naynay din. So it would be very unfair for Mimay coz we’re out for almost 12 hours a day.
I just pray that God will move miraculously in our family. Whatever HIS will be done.

Bro, ikaw na po ang bahala. We are entrusting everything to you. We trust you. Just please give me tons of strength. Wag naman po sana ako maloka pagbalik ni ineng sa Pinas.  Please Lord show me and Poy that your plans are always great. And most of all, I pray Lord that everything will be alright for Mimay too. Wag sana sya ma confuse sa mga nangyayari. I pray that she will not get mad to us for putting her in this kind of situation. Lastly po, will it be possible for us to win a house and lot in Pinas and a scholarship for Mimay’s Aviation Course so that we don’t have to stay here long? Thanks po. Amen.

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