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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Had a great Friday yesterday with hubby, naynay and mimay. We went for a visit in the capital and 2nd largest city of UAE, Abu Dhabi. I’ll make a separate post on that, soon! =)

For now, I just want to share this super touching photos captured by yours truly.
Meet the LOVES of my LIFE…
This was taken inside the coaster on our way to Abu Dhabi yesterday. I immediately grabbed the camera to capture this very sweet and touching moment of my mag-ama. Sige na OA ako pero I can’t help it. I was very teary eyed watching them laughing together as Mimay’s kissing her dadee over and over again. Ang sweet sweet!

I am one lucky wife for having a super bait as in super duper mega over bait husband and my Mimay’s one blessed baby for having a loving, caring, patient and sweet dadee.

Trivia: Would you believe that I seldom wash Mimay’s feeding bottles? Seldom which means, mga less than 10 times pa lang ever since Mimay was born. When she was here na in Dubai, never pa ko nakapag wash ng bottles nya. It’s all her dadee doing that task for the whole 21 months (less 7 months because we came here in Dubai while Mimay is in Pinas) of Mimay’s life.

He is also a very hands-on dadee. Mas nauna pa sya matuto magpalit ng diapers ni ineng before me. He’s also very patient (or spoiler if I may say) of Mimay. If Mimay wants to run in the mall or park or anywhere, Poy is very much willing to run after her. Yesterday nga sa church, while we were listening to Pastor’s message, Mimay is running and playing around na parang kiti-kiti (tadpoles pala is butete, kitikiti is mosquito larva ;p). She’s very active and playful. I saw her inserting her fingers in the wall socket, eating tissues, putting her head in between the gate bars and many other else. But her dadee is patiently following her around, wiping her face and hands and carrying her.
Luckily, I had the chance to take some photos of them while we were in the church.

Short kwento. I saw this scenario just few days back.
Mimay being carried by Poy: Dadee baba baba! Being an obedient father, Poy puts Mimay down and Mimay shouted “ayaw baba!” with matching pagtaas pa ng paa. So Poy carried Mimay again and as I expected, Mimay shouted “Dadee baba baba!”
And for the 2nd time, binaba ulit sya ni Poy pero ayaw naman nya.
Take note, paulit ulit yun but it never irritates Poy. He’s that patient especially with me and Mimay.

Yesterday naman, while we were having lunch in Goto King in Abu Dhabi, Mimay doesn’t want to stay in her high chair. With all her might, she was trying to push herself out of the chair because she wanted to see the nice fishes in the resto’s aquarium. So even if laway na laway na si Poy sa salad, lobster and prawns, he carried Mimay and went to the aquarium and just told me and naynay to eat na and he’ll just take care of ineng. It really melts my heart.
I am falling more and more in love with this man! Thanks Lord for my wonderful husband!

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