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Sunday, January 16, 2011


Here I go again with my weight issues. Kayo na kumain ng rice 3x a day with in between snacks, mag dine out for 3-4 times a week, mag mumog ng softdrinks at gawing cornick ang chocolates, tingnan natin kung hindi kayo tumaba.

When Mimay came here in Dubai, I temporarily forgo of my dieting churvas. I don’t want to deprive myself. Ang hirap kaya nung iti-treat ko sila to eat out tapos ako nakatingin lang kasi diet ako? And having a super hyperactive daughter like Mimay, gutom na gutom ako lagi talaga. Plus I stopped working out, feeling ko it’s a waste of time instead of just spending it playing with Mimay.
during one of our gluttony night!

ikaw ang dahilan ng lahat!
And the obvious result: I’m back at 59 kgs! With a 5’3” height, hindi ito maganda!
Me while taking my actual weight in our company’s weighing scale.
nasisilaw and depress at the same time
zoom it baby! it's surely 59!
I don’t want to promise, but AGAIN, I’ll TRY to control and limit my intake. Try lang ;)

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