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Sunday, March 20, 2011


Since my decision of having my own blogsite came too late, there have been so many important events in my life that I missed to share. Eh I’m feeling nostalgic so I thought of documenting them although they happened ages ago. I feel like I still need to blog it so that me and Poy have something to reminisce came our old days.

I really cannot remember the precise details eh, basta the story is something like this. May 31, 2008, I was supposed to meet and have dinner with my friends Melai and Lady somewhere. Then we also have family gathering the same night. So I was really torn between dinner with friends and dinner with my family. So my ate suggested that I come first to our family dinner and escape na lang early to meet up with my friends. So the clueless me agreed.

My ate’s husband, Kuya Dong, has to go somewhere that night so we went to our lola’s house in tricycle. It’s mga 1.5 kilometers away lang naman from our house. But what made me curious was when my sister asked the tricycle driver to drop us 300 meters away pa from my lola’s house. Knowing my ate na super tamad maglakad, nagtaka talaga ko. I asked her why and she just told me that she feels like walking, exercise daw. I have no choice, nakaalis na si tricyle driver.

After 25 years, we arrived in my lola’s house and saw my cousin, mommy and aunts all in pajamas! Then one by one I saw my dearest friends (including Melai and Lady which I was supposed to meet for dinner that same night!) coming out of the porch all in their big smiles and pajamas too! Anong meron? Then my mommy handed me a pajama to wear. Slowly everything is sinking in me. We’ll have a pajama party, yeeaahh!!

My heart is flowing with so much joy that time. I am so overwhelmed in happiness! I am deeply touched with all of my family (esp. my ate) and friends’ efforts and preparation just to surprise me. I am so clueless and it made me so overjoyed.

Here are some of the photos from my bridal shower which happened exactly 10 days before our wedding in June 2008. I grabbed these photos from Abby’s multiply account. Other photos including the foods, the cake with a “T” haha!, my mom and aunts, the decorations, etc. are all in my PC in pinas. I don’t have Facebook pa that time eh.

Here comes Mrs. Jhanil Margarita Cruz-Aguilar!

The game which is mejo rated PG haha! Arranged, last being the most bastos of all =)

Gift giving! I love Abby’s gift, cash haha!! Bridal shower gift, cash?? Ang labo no? 

Some more photo ops!

This once in a lifetime experience is truly unforgettable. I am loved, so much loved and I will be forever thankful.

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