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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Last Thursday is another date night with my bibi. Celebration na din because it’s our 33rd wedding monthsary. 3 months to go and it will be our 3rd year anniversary na! Ang bilis. Parang kailan lang ;) 

Speaking of our 3rd year anniversary, I am so excited for it. We will be celebrating it in Pinas with our baby Mimay. My ate’s taking care of the reservation of flight and accommodation for our 3 days celebration, I should not worry ;)

Back to our date night, Poy is not so much into burgers and sandwich, mas mka rice sya, pero I was surprised when he told me that he wants burger daw this time. So with that, we tried the newly opened sandwich shop in Deira City Centre.
Potbelly is a famous US sandwich shop which is known for their made-to-order sandwich. Looking at their gigantic menu board, I was salivating na. Parang ang sarap sarap lahat! 
To order, you have to first choose the sandwich, size and bread. Poy ordered Potbelly’s “wreck” original size in regular bread which has beef salami, roast beef, turkey breast, smoked turkey and swiss cheese. While I tried naman their “Italian” sandwich in multigrain bread. It’s a combination of beef salami, pepperoni, turkey capicola, beef mortadella and provolone cheese. Talking about calories, I know! The sandwich was then placed in a conveyor oven to toast it. Next is we choose the toppings for our sandwich. Hubby’s wreck had mustard, hot pepper, lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle, oil and Italian seasoning. I asked to put the same in mine except for pickle and oil and requested for additional mayo instead.  I wanted to try din sana their salad but changed my mind, I might not finish it because the sandwich looks big. And yes I was not wrong, it was big talaga! For the drinks, we had Coke light and Schweppes ginger ale.
We took our seat and were relaxed by the ambiance. The restaurant features a vintage interior and decorative memorabilia such as vintage signs, music mementos sepia tinted photographs reflecting Potbelly’s antique store in Chicago. Adding to the great ambiance is the background music of local musical artists and the lively service of the staffs. Pang Mr. and Ms. Congeniality all the staffs, panalo!
Hubby surely enjoyed his meal and I did too. The sandwiches were very tasty and meaty except that mine is super spicy. Ang daming jalapenos! Ate galit ka sa kin?? I didn’t finish the whole thing because it was really very spicy and it was too big for me. The prices here are very affordable too. AED 19 (Php 230) per sandwich is not bad ah.  Next time we’ll just order one sandwich (the bigger size at AED 24) and will try together with their salad.

After that, we went inside the supermarket to do some groceries. To save time, hubby asked me to go to the fish and vegetable section. Pick daw the fish and vegetable that I want for our ulam the coming week while he checks out the meat and chicken section.

While I was in the fish section, I called Poy.
Nani: hello bi, punta ka dito dali!
Poy: bakit bi? pili ka na ng fish jan.
Nani: naku eh nakakalito nman bi eh, magkakamukha mga fish. Iba iba lang ng price. Tapos nakakatakot pa yung iba, may bola sa bibig! Punta ka na dito.
Poy: Sa gulay ka na lang muna, kuha ka ng pechay.
Nani: Ok sige bye.

After less than 2 mins, I called again.
Nani: bi ano ba yung pechay? Eh magkakamukha din mga gulay dito. Lahat kulay green!
Poy: sige bi hintayin mo na lang ako jan, ako na bibili.

You might think nagiinarte ako, of course not ha! I have a proof. See photos below:

Sige nga, alin jan ang pechay?
At sa mga fish na to, which is which? Their names are weird ha!
And who will not get scared of this? Bakit may jack stone ball sa mouth???

There goes our simple monthsary celebration. Simple, funny and busog! =)

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