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Saturday, April 2, 2011


Just like what I have told you here, today is a BIG day in our company that is why I wasn't able to take the day off and be with Mimay on her 2nd birthday party. It is the long awaited Inauguration of our new mill. Just for your information, I am working as a Procurement Officer in a Steel Tubes and Pipes Manufacturing Company. And this Rebar is sort of an expansion for us although it will be offering a totally different product.

This will be a bigtime event since many VIP’s including Dubai’s Sheikh/ruler will be coming to grace the ceremony. Big time di ba?

Just because I want to share to all of you how bongga the preparations for this inauguration, I gathered some photos for your viewing. You do the math baby!

Price: AED 1600 each (Php 19,200)
Roughly 50 pieces of this were ordered to be given as an invitation for VIPs. Kaloka di ba? 19K pesos for a single invitation? Di ako maka get over when I saw this. The invitation itself is engraved in a metal sheet and placed in a personalized box made of leather with chocolates from Xocolatl. And mind you, the chocolates are made especially for our company and stamped with our logo. Sosyal!
Printed Invitations
Printed invitations were also ordered for not so important guests hehe. But still, it’s perfect. The letterings were embossed in a high quality boardpaper that looked like a metal.

Events and PR
Price: AED 343,000 (Php 4,116,000)
This includes the corporate video, program planning, emcee, red carpet and event set-up. For more than 4 million peso fee, this has to be bonggang bonggang bongga! We even had an office shoot the other week for the Audio Video Presentation.

This is the stage layout that hopefully will be executed perfectly or else, sabog nguso ng supplier sa boss namin hehe.
Price: AED 450 per head (Php 5,400) for lunch and AED 500 per head (Php 6,000) for dinner
Ang hirap ata lunukin ng meal na worth 6k pesos! The caterer of the event will be Madinat Jumeirah. This is overly sosyal!! Take note ha, lunch pa lang yun. For the dinner, all the guests will go straight to Armani Hotel to enjoy the sumptuous dinner.
Give aways
Price: AED 3,900 each (Php 47,000)
And this one really made my eyes roll and pop out in amazement! Almost 50k pesos each for a give away??! Kakaloka so much!

Sobrang bad timing lang because kasabay sya ng birthday celebration ni ineng. Hay!

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