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Saturday, March 12, 2011


Dear Nani,

Ang busy busy busy mo, ano ba! It’s Saturday today, remember? Don’t you know that it’s a mortal sin to work on Saturday? Dapat petiks lang. You should be blogging instead. You haven’t updated your blog for days! That’s another mortal sin. I think what you should do is to close your Microsoft Outlook and turn off the ringer of your phone. In that way, you will be calm and relax. Ignore your boss. Ignore your suppliers. So what with the Hot Rolled Coils requirement for May rolling? So what with the inventory reports that is due tomorrow? So what with the ASTM and EN plastic caps and sockets for ordering? So what with the shipments (with S) that need Letter of Credit to be opened ASAP? So what with the purchase enquiries that require quotations urgently? Forget them. It’s Saturday. Go get some sweets and relax. Chill.

Now you have to FIND TIME to do the following, mas importante mga to:
1.     Tarpaulin layout for Mimay’s birthday.
2.     AVP for Mimay’s birthday.
3.     Search for Mimay’s Patriotic and Regional attire for Baby Fashionista
4.     Wedding venue for Kuya De-e.
5.     Blog update: Chopped part 2 and 3
6.     Blog update: Date night at Potbelly
7.     Blog update: Lyn and Len’s Bday (which happened more than a month ago na!)
So now, take a deep breath and gow!! Forget work.
Oh by the way, it’s my mommy’s birthday today. Happy birthday mi! I love you so much! This is your very first birthday that we are miles away. I miss you =( Enjoy your celebration in Quezon, I know you’re super happy right now. See you soon!
It’s 5:30 pm right now here Dubai and our office hours is until 6pm only. My boss just called me in his office and told me this: “Jhanil you can’t leave today without sending me the report.”

Whatta Saturday!!

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