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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Yesterday, just like what I told you here, I was super duper wasted from work. Ang sakit sakit pa ng likod ko, yay I hope this is not uti again. So ayun, I went home feeling stressed and exhausted. We were supposed to go out with my dearest 101 friends but I graciously declined which is very unusual of me.  I was really feeling low, low low, low, low, low.

Not until dinner time came, aside from the yummy kaldereta which hubby cooked for me, he told me his wonderful surprise which made my heart jump in joy! He’s getting me a new phone tonight as in tonight! Yeeeh!! Nawala ang pagod ko bigla haha!

Guys meet “gizmo I”, my new doodad!
Once again, pinasaya mo na naman ako ng bonggang bongga! Thank you so much for your selflessness and generosity when it comes to anything that will make me happy. I am deeply tats! I love you so much!            

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