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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Our dear Mimay finally had her first ever dental check-up yesterday. I’m so excited to share how it went. But first, I’ll give you a background why my daughter badly needs a dental check up.
Mimay’s front teeth are like that, tooth decay kung tooth decay talaga! When I saw this the first time, I felt so guilty. At the back of my mind, I was thinking that I have become an irresponsible mom. If only I was there with her, I’m sure she’ll not get those cavities at her early age. I think the culprit kasi of her decaying teeth was her pacifier. It took some time for my mommy to stop Mimay from using her pacifier. I told her to put the pacifier in shrimp paste before Mimay will use it and it worked! But the damage is already there so I asked naynay to bring Mimay to a pediatric dentist. The problem is, Mimay doesn’t like to be seated in a dental chair. My mom told me na super cry daw si ineng. I cannot blame her. Ako nga 26 years old na takot pa sa dentist eh, sya pa kaya?

When Mimay was here in Dubai, I learned that she is not fond of brushing her teeth, parang ako lang haha! So I made her uto the whole time she was here to instill to her the importance of brushing her teeth. And I think I was successful naman.

Then just this morning, my kuya sent me these photos that really made me smile big time =)

Taking it from my kuya’s mail, he said that they went yesterday in SM Calamba to let Mimay play in the inflatable playground which by the way is our daughter’s fave. Then in the same floor, they saw a pediatric dental clinic. They inquired and the kind dentist allowed Mimay to seat for check up. Eh they noticed that Mimay was just silent and wasn’t crying, ayun tuloy tuloy na for a cleaning! Yehey!! It shows naman in the photos that Mimay enjoyed the procedure =)

Hay baby, dadee and I are so proud of you! You’re so brave sweetheart! Big girl ka na. Sayang lang, we weren’t there to witness this very special moment in your life. But I know you understand us. We love you baby! See you in less than 3 months. Kisses and hugs from me and dadee.


  1. wow,good job! your baby girl is still adorable even she's on the dental chair.My son is turning 2 also and like you I'm worried about his teeth.probably this is also the right time to visit the dentist soon.I'll show this pic to him para ma-encourage.galing ni Mimay! :)

  2. oh thanks dear! i was actually surprised when my kuya sent these photos. she's so brave no? hindi nagmana sa kin haha! advance happy bday to xian! don't forget to post his first dental check up experience ;)