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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I’m so sorry for the lack of posts. Just been very busy lately with our crib hunting. Thank God we have a very supportive family na super game for site visits on our behalf. For more than a week, it has been part of my daily tasks (even during working hours hehe) to check out the internet for different subdivisions and their model houses.

I have been religiously communicating to this sales agent for a subdivision in Canlubang. The location is very nice and accessible. We are highly considering this particular unit from them.
This is a 2 storey house and lot by Camella Homes with 3 BR, 2 T&B, balcony and a carport. Nice no? I’m so excited to see it in actual. My mommy and siblings told me it’s nice nga daw but they would prefer us to come and see it first before we decide. What’s good kasi with this subdivision is that they are on pre-seling stage pa lang. Hindi agad maluluma yung house because it’s not yet built.

Below unit from Excelsis Land is also in our top choices. Its way out of our budget but we are considering it still because of their house specifications. It’s fully painted and finished na kasi upon turnover. It’s near the Batino exit and we once saw this subdivision and I like the ambiance. Very peaceful.
We are also loving this unit by DMCI in Cabuyao. Ang mahal lang nya, but the fact that it’s by DMCI, I’m sure it’s worth the visit. We will surely check this out kasi it’s just one tumbling away from my kuya’s house.
Then last night, my kumareng Melai sent me a link to a house and lot by Carmona Estates. Floor and lot area is bigger than that of Canlubang and it has 4 BR! And its way cheaper!!! Na excite naman ako. The amenities of the subdivision are nice as well. We will surely visit this too in June.

So that explains why I wasn’t able to visit my blogsite for days. Naaaligaga ako sa excitement! I’m so excited also for hubby’s entertainment room. We agreed kasi that we will not be putting a TV set in our living room but instead make a separate entertainment room in the ground floor. Hmm i’ll just make a separate blog about this. I’ll show you my interior inspirations for our ‘future crib’ in my next post =)

Sometimes, being a grown up is mixed emotions no? Ang hirap tumanda because responsibilities are becoming more serious and bigger but it’s exciting as well. Imagine before, my only problem is how to ask my mommy to get me the latest model of Nokia and now we are actually getting na our own house and lot! From our own sweat and blood. God is so good talaga!

Everyday, God is giving us many reasons to be excited about tomorrow. Ang saya! =)

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  1. Wow, those locations are near us. We live in Cabuyao. Is the DMCI house from Willow Park Subdivisions? Malapit lang sya samin. You can try din Fortezza in Cabuyao also by Crown Asia naman. Do you have a broker na ba? I can recommend you our broker, they are so helpful plus hindi ka tatagain sa price para sa commissions.

    God is good tlga!