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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I was craving so much for Japanese food since the other week. It’s been almost a year since I last tasted my favorite katsudon. I wanted to eat so much because feeling ko eating will ‘somehow’ ease my sadness. It’s been a week since our darling Mimay left back to Pinas. Hubby’s always telling me to focus and don’t be sad about Mimay. He told me that Mimay is happy and in good hands in Pinas. So okay, i-date na lang kako nya ako so that I won’t be sad anymore =) He immediately agreed kesa nga naman magpabili ako ng bag to ease my sadness hehe.

So last Sunday night, we went to Sumo Sushi in Al Garhoud. It’s our first time to dine there and we wanted to give it a try since I heard and read many nice reviews about this Japanese restaurant.
The restaurant is almost 10 minutes walk from the GGCO metro station. The wooden wall beams, dim lightings, wooden chairs and tables and the minimalist designs created a very classy and elegant ambiance to the restaurant.
For the starter, we ordered Crunchy Crazy. Shrimp tempura covered with sweet chili sauce and drizzled with teriyaki sauce. AED 29 (P348) for 6 pcs. We were a bit disappointed with the restaurant’s staff because this order came after na our main course. Eh pano pa naging starter yun db? So effect is we’re already full and didn’t finish all the 6pcs. Anyway ok lang, I brought it to the office the other day hehe.
Then hubby ordered BBQ beef bento for AED 38 (P456). Thinly sliced beef sautéed in Sumo’s very own bbq sauce and toped with sesame seeds. Very tasty and the meat is very tender. When Poy first saw the bento box, it looks like the servings is makonti and feeling nya it will not satisfy his hunger. But he didn’t actually finish the rice. Ang bilis daw makabusog.
For me naman, I ordered my all time favorite Katsudon at AED 32 (P384). Yeah na-miss ko to!! Unang subo pa lang, ay heaven! It’s breaded pork cutlet simmer with egg and served over steamed rice. Ang sarap ng sauce ah! Goodluck diet!
For our dessert, we had the Red Bean Ice Cream for AED 15 (P180) which they gave us for free. Complimentary daw because of their palpak service on our starter. Atleast db? Ok Sumo staff, forgiven na kayo. I’ll come back pa din promise!
And for the drinks, Poy ordered this tall glass of delicious lemonade with fresh orange cut at AED 15 (P180) while me naman ordered the green iced tea at AED 7 (P84) na walang lasa! Naku don’t order this ha? Hindi sya masarap even if you put the syrup. So Poy shared his lemonade with me and he finishes my green iced tea.
Sumo Sushi didn’t disappoint our hungry stomach. We will surely come back!
On our way home, I was so guilty for the extra pounds that were added to me for eating so much. Lalo ako na-depress kasi ang taba ko na lalo! So to compensate, I didn’t use the escalator and elevator, instead I walk up and down the stairs.
I hope it does help me drop those extra fats!

Thanks to my bibi for a very delish and fun date night. Para na naman kaming jowa days lang na holding hands while walking at pa-sway sway pa haha! 

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