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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Countdown again! In 77 days, we will be going home for vacation. I am super thrilled thinking that we will again sleep in our bed, in our own room =) I miss so many things in the Philippines. I thought of listing them all here so that I have a guide on what to do and where to go as soon as we reached our happy H.O.M.E.
1.    Yellow Cab’s Charlie Chan pasta and NY’s finest pizza – miss na miss ko na to. Actually while typing this, I’m salivating! Yellow Cab has been and will forever be my choice of fast food. I particularly love their chili oil which is very perfect on their humongous pizza slice. Nyam nyam!
2.    Jollibee’s spaghetti and chicken joy – if you’re a Filipino, I’m sure your taste buds will agree with me right? I’ll eat this everyday, promise! May Jollibee sa bawat kanto namin eh haha! We have Jollibee here in Dubai kaya lang the taste is different.
Langhap sarap!
3.    Isaw ni Dino’s – hay my all time fave! Ang isaw na nakakapagpabagabag (hanu daw?) This is our college friends’ most loved tambayan. Isawsss here are super the best! Miss u Cha, Abby, Ton and Jhayz!
miss u my dino buddies!
4.     Home service mani and pedi – I haven’t had my nails done here in Dubai, it’s super costly! Cheap-ipay salons are charging AED 60 (Php 720) for manicure, as in the regular manicure in a so-so parlor only. Oo ganun kamahal! So it’s like Php 1500 for both mani and pedi. Di bale kung may free massage at may buffet lunch after. Kaloka db? Eh in pinas, Php 200 lang, home service pa! I miss that!
5.     Body massage – Me wants this so much! The stingy me kasi cannot take talaga the cost of a body massage here in Dubai. Even if hubby is allowing me to go for it kasi I deserve it naman daw =) But my gawd, it’s AED 400 (Php 4800) for a one hour back massage! Kamusta naman yon?? Sige na kuripot na ko talaga!
Oh it’s already 5:45 pm, I have to prepare myself. Bye for now! I’m itching to go home. I have so many works in pile but I don’t feel doing it. It’s Thursday today and I’m already in OFF mode since lunch time. And tonight is Bert’s birthday celebration in 101, I’m so excited for the yummy dishes.
Ciao! Happy weekend everyone!

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