My Total Views! Happy ME =)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


When I came to office this morning, I feel too lazy to work. Ang dami ko kasing gagawin hence my sluggish mood.  But even if I have so many works to do, I was still able to squeeze checking my blog account and accidentally browsed my BLOG STATS. This is the first time I saw this. This is like an overview of the total page views history of my blog.

And can you believe this? I have 12,696 views since August 2010! It's like 1,800++ views per month!
Ang saya di ba? Thinking that people took the time to check my blogs really inspire me to write more and more and more. 

Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart!! Although sana convertible to dirhams yung mga views choz!

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