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Thursday, March 24, 2011


is now currently under prayers. And by God’s grace, we are already claiming it. 

Poy and I thought that times seem so hard these days in the Philippines that’s why we tried our luck abroad, where the grass is perceived to be greener. We decided to work here in Dubai to provide the best future to Mimay and to our future Mimoy. And aside from preparing for the kids’ educational needs, another must is to provide them a simple yet comfortable home. Yung amin talaga, from our sweat and blood. 

Back in April last year, hubby and I both came here in visit visa and thank God because I was blessed with a job after 8 days =) While Poy got his work naman after 2 months. He had some struggles kasi from the first job that he got that’s why he had to look then for a better opportunity. God has been good to us. After few more months of financial adjustments, we were able to send Mimay and Naynay here in Dubai for a 3 months vacation. It’s sobrang magastos but it’s okay. Their vacation kasi served din as a trial if we can all manage if Mimay and Naynay will stay here with us in Dubai.

For almost 11 months here, we proved that life is “financially” easier abroad. You can get to eat in a fancy or posh restaurant anytime and material things seem to be very easy to get. But I’m not saying we are truly happy, in every sense of the word, to where we are now. There are still many depressing, heartbreaking and sad moments of being here on the other side of the earth just to earn money and be away from our family. And to compensate on that, Poy and I decided that now is the right time to take the plunge. We have to start reaching our plans, dreams and prayers. After all, we are here for our future. 

Even if this will mean less shopping and less dates for me and Poy, we know it will definitely worth all the pagtitipid. This is for us, for Mimay, for our family.

Guys meet our “soon to be” crib. Simple but OURS, oh I mean “soon to be” OURS =)

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