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Saturday, March 5, 2011


Last week, my sister sent me a message in FB telling me about a baby model search. They want Mimay to join there daw. I got immediately excited, so of course I agreed! A model search for my 23 months girl? Isn’t that very exciting? ;)
So after the registration and screening of Mimay’s photos, my very supportive family especially my siblings and mommy, all went this afternoon for the actual VTR and screening. The schedule is set at 2pm Pinas time. I was both nervous and very excited for Mimay! I cannot work because my mind is too occupied sa kaiisip about our baby. How I wanted to fly back to Pinas so that I can be with her to support her. Thank God for our very supportive and kind family especially my ate and mommy for taking care of everything.

Around 11:30am (3:30pm Pinas time), I received a text from my ate and kuya which says:
Ate: Pasok si ineng sa fashionista, yahoooo!!
Kuya: Pasok si ineng!

Goosebumps as in. I feel like crying and my happiness is unexplainable and overflowing! We are so proud of our daughter and we are so thankful to the Lord for blessing us with a very charming, adorable and pretty baby. 

Below are some of her photos taken by my bro in law, Kuya Dong, during the screening:

Mimay is scheduled for series of photo shoots and lined up activities in preparation for the  Baby Fashionista 2011 which will be held in the Centerstage of Mall of Asia. Watch out for Mimay photos in all SM Nationwides and newspapers. 

We'll keep you all posted!


  1. Wow!!! Congrats Mimay! Is there anything I can do like voting or something para manalo si Mimay? =) Super ganda na ng baby mo sis!

  2. im so proud as well gelay parang feeling mommy din ako eh hehehe.... cograts! im happy for yah gelay!

  3. mamee nani,i love reading your posts.mimay is so cute and adorable!same age sila ni Xian.God bless your fab family! :)