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Friday, March 4, 2011


or should I say, Mamee Nani’s wishlist for Mimay haha! 

Mimay’s 2nd birthday is coming in exactly 1 month. I thought of making this entry for all our friends who are planning to get a gift for our baby. Ayoko kayo pahirapan mga friends, ninongs, ninangs, titos and titas so here are some of Mimay’s wishlist =) 

1.    FIT FLOPS – specifically the ELECTRA design. They are uberly cute ergonomic sequined sandals for kids. According to my sources, fit flops encourages the bones daw in young feet to move naturally and freely, so developing feet have space, can stretch and are properly stimulated. Nice no? Mimay’s feet size is US7 but the smallest size of fit flops here in Dubai is size US10. Incase you’ll find a size (US8 or 9 is better para may allowance) for Mimay, she’ll be very happy to own one. She likes color silver daw =)
AED 195 approx Php 2300 – Calling Ninang Abby haha!
2.    HIGH CUT CONVERSE – she already has one, color white. But it will be perfect if she will have one more pair. Any color will do =)
AED 145 approx Php 1700
3.    PIGEON WIDE NECK BOTTLE 300ML  – Mimay’s feeding bottles are all 240ML or 8 oz. Eh Mimay can now finish 1.5 bottles so perfect yung 300ML or 10 oz para isang timplahan na lang. Mimay is a pigeon user since she was born, it’s tried and tested. We replace her bottles every 6-8 months as advised by her pedia.
Approx Php 750 per bottle
4.     MP3 or MP4 with BUILT IN SPEAKER – Mimay super loves music! She loves to sing and dance! She will certainly enjoy this gadget and it will enhance her singing and dancing skills =) Calling Ninang Leds, I heard electronic gadgets are cheap there in Japan ;)
5.   EDUCATIONAL DVD – Mimay will surely love Baby Einstein or Baby Brainy! Pero any educational DVD will do too. Although as much as possible I don’t want Mimay to watch tv too much, but at least watching educational DVD’s will make her learn naman. Kesa yung favorite nila ni naynay dati na Wowowee hehehe!
Approx Php 2800 per set
6.    CLOTHES – such as cute dress, short shorts, sandos, mini-skirt… mimay loves clothes! I so know! Trust me ;) 
Dress from Baby Gap and Baby Guess
7.    EDUCATIONAL TOYS – or musical toys. Pero we notice Mimay is not so much into toys. Parang she gets sawa agad that’s why we’re not buying her too much toys. Even if we bring her in toy stores, wala lang sa kanya. But what she loves is toy slides such as below. But I know this is too pricey, so don’t bother. Shinare ko lang hehe.      
8.   TODDLER BACK PACK – Mimay wishes for a backpack na small lang where she can put her bottles, biscuits, cologne, diapers, wipes, etc.    
So there, initial list pa lang yan. Paguusapan pa namin ng anak ko kung ano pa mga gusto nya haha!!
Happy weekend everyone!

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