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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Again, sorry for the lack of posts these past days. Was been too occupied with lots of things lately. I am itching to update my blog but I just can’t find time. Sorry Sorry!

But anyway, I have good news, read: UUWI KAMI SA PINAS FOR VACATION! Yeah! I am so excited to share these to all of you because I know you will all be happy for me too, right? =) We already booked and purchased our ticket online. Di naman ako excited =)
The moment me and hubby learned that Mimay passed the screening and is already an official candidate for Baby Fashionista 2011, we immediately talk and discuss the possibilities of going to Pinas for vacation. Honestly, it seems impossible financially because we only have less than 3 months to save. Since Mimay and Naynay just came here in Dubai for 3 months vacation, we are still recovering from the expenses. And hubby is not yet entitled to his annual leave because he joined his company in July 2010. But God is really good because after Poy discussed with his boss, he was allowed to use his 30 days annual leave! Yey! Yun nga lang unpaid pa, so we are still somewhat scrutinizing our budget. Bahala na, basta we just want to see Mimay and support her.

The original plan kasi is that we will have our vacation by November or December of this year for my kuya’s wedding. But because of Mimay’s event, ayun change of plan kami. Thanks to my very understanding kuya and soon to be sis-in-law Ate Jona, for adjusting their wedding date for us. Super thank you talaga! This will make our vacation more meaningful. Finally, our eldest brother is going to tie the knot! Ang saya! And you know what, me and my ate were both married in June and now my kuya’s getting married in June din. Ang cute di ba? I’m so excited also for Mimay kasi she’ll be wearing her first entourage gown in her Tito Dennis’ wedding. So memorable =)

I’m so excited! As early as now hindi na ko makatulog sa sobrang excitement. I miss my family so much! Naiiyak ako just thinking that I will soon see my family and our baby Mimay. The other day we were on skype, I told Mimay this, “anak uuwi kami!” Although I know she will not understand it yet, na excite ako to inform her. But wait, alam nyo ba response ni ineng? “Mamee? Yehey!!” Our baby is so bright, she can really understand things.

See you soon Pinas!

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