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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I am one happy girl here! Let me share to you why. Yesterday kasi, my officemate/friend Cel told me that Grand Cinemas has this promo/ contest in Facebook. I just have to like the page and there’s a post where I need to comment about my favorite film of Anthony Hopkins.

Eh since hindi ko sya kilala, I immediately searched in Google and learn that he’s the lead role pala in the remake movie of “The Wolfman”. So here’s my comment:

I wasn’t expecting to win, honestly. Until I received a notification in Facebook this afternoon that I was one of the 10 winners of double passes to the premiere night of Anthony Hopkins’ latest movie “The Rite”. Wow this will be a free date for me and Poy! Happiness!
I was very delighted! First time ko lang nag join and I’m fortunate enough that they chose my comment over others. Thank you so much Grand Cinemas!

But the unlucky part is, hubby and I can’t come to get the pass and watch the premiere night. Tonight kasi is our scheduled church service. But let me correct that, I am not unlucky, because I know our date with Papa Jesus is far better and more worthy than watching a free movie. I’m just happy I won! =)

See you later Papa Jesus in our date! =)

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