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Saturday, September 3, 2011


I am terribly sorry (again!) for the lack of posts. Just been very busy because of the EID holidays and I took advantage of it. We had 4 days off. Actually 3 lang talaga, which was Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Ipit si Thursday. So I had to call for sick leave last Thursday ;)

We enjoyed the 4 days off mainly because of our little girl. Remember from my previous post, I’m so problematic on what to do with the long holidays? I should not be pala. Eventhough we didn’t go out of town, we still enjoyed our off in the most simple way. It was so sulit because we get to spend really quality time with Mimay and Naynay.

Tuesday, we woke up late and stayed for more landian minutes with our Mimay. I felt more contented that time because 2 of the most important people in my life are in that bed with me.  

After lunch, off we went to Mimay’s happy place, Fun City! She’s been begging me for days na gusto nya mag slide. And her wish was granted. Lemme show you the photos inside the playzone.
Not only Mimay did enjoy, but me and hubby did too! Naynay came with us inside the playzone and made chika all the yayas inside. No need to wonder san kami nagmana ni Mimay sa pagiging chikadora haha! Anyway, entrance fee is AED 30 (Php 360) per hour because it’s holiday and AED 25 during regular days.

We tried the lazy boy chair massager after and boy it was heaven! How I wish we have this at home. Hubby kept on giggling because, kung di nyo naitatanong, super daming kiliti nyang asawa ko at alam na alam ko lahat kung saan ;)
Mimay also tried the electronic boat with matching paddle. I wasn’t able to come with her because the staff didn’t allow me. I think it’s because I’m heavy, di lang nila masabi sa kin ng diretso dahil baka ma-hurt ako, lol!
We had snack after in Marry Brown. I forgot to take pictures of the food because I am too hungry na. We had crispy spicy chicken burger (for me and Naynay), chicken wrap (for hubby), apple pie (for me) and french fries. All junk hehe! Mimay settled for catsup, tipid =)
It was one tiring but surely fun fun day with our baby. At 9pm, she was already dozing off. After tucking her to bed, hubby and I went out again for our date night! More of that on my next post ;)

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