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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I was browsing my FB photos last night and realized that I haven’t shared here in my blog the photos of our dear Mimay’s first out of town trips, just before she turned one. Dahil galgal ang mga magulang nya, naturally galgal din si ineng. Also, as much as possible, I want to document everything for Mimay. I’m sure one day, she’ll come to thank me for keeping all these memories for her.

Dear Mimay,

I wanna show you series of photos during your first out of town trips. Our Manila, Tagaytay and Quezon trips are not included here because they are like 2 hours max travel lang. These are the mejo hardcore out of town trips. Enjoy the photos anak! We love you!

January 2010 – Acuatico Resort, Laiya Batangas
This is Mimay’s first out of town trip and her first ever beach experience! A little more than 3 hours travel from Laguna lays/lies (whatever!) one of the most beautiful resorts I have ever seen in my life. It was a posh resort that has an exclusive beach front. Bago pa lang nun nauuso ang infinity pool and Acuatico’s infinity pool really wow-ed us. The view was breath taking and very relaxing. View pa lang solve na solve na kami.

Our little darling surely enjoyed her first beach experience. She was so cute in her swimsuit and shades. It was her first time to play in the sand too.
What makes this trip extra special? It’s the reunion with my super girlfriends Abby and Cha with their respective lovey doveys, Jay and Vno. It feels so good to be with them again. Ang saya saya sobra! Chikahan galore until wee hours. I know next year, it’ll happen again! Right girls? =) miss u sissies! One of our friends, Jhayz, was supposed to join us too but for some reasons he wasn’t able to come. But I’m sure next time kasama na sya. Yey!

The over all Acuatico experience was indeed one of the most unforgettable days of my life =)

January 29-31, 2010 – Baguio City
Just weeks after the Acuatico trip, we had another long weekend. My family decided to spend it in the beautiful and freezing City of Pines. Poy and I were so excited because this is our daughter’s first ‘real’ long travel. It wasn’t hard at all because Mimay’s very cooperative during the whole 7 hours journey.

We left Laguna at around 11pm, and here’s our dalaga still awake and very much excited for her first Baguio trip. 
My (almost) complete immediate family, wala lang daddy ko.

Our itineraries include Camp John Hay, The Mansion, Mines View Park, Wright Park, La Trinidad Market and the Strawberry Farm. We stayed in Bloomfield Hotel which is just across SM Baguio.
We also went to this place where the locals pencil draw you in just 30 minutes! Pure talent
I had to include this photo. This was taken in SM Baguio’s Sizzling Steakhouse. Our smile shows how satisfied we were with their inexpensive and delicious steak. Would you believe that Australian Rib Eye costs around Php 400 only? Can’t wait to come back! My mommy was not in the photo because she had Bulalo for dinner. OP sya haha!

So that’s it for the meantime. Watch out for Mimay’s next series of lamyerdas in my coming entries. That’s after she turned 1 yr old already =)

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