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Thursday, September 29, 2011


I wanna do my happy dance right now! I am so happy, very very happy for my hubby!

He got his driving license already! Yey! (*wheelcart*)

sorry for the blurry photo. ewan ko nga kung bakit ganyan kuha ni Poy.
Just to let you know, getting that coveted driver’s license here in Dubai is easier said than done. Even before going to the driving school, you will be stuffed with dreadful stories of how difficult it is to get a license. Financial at emotional stress and labanan teh! Sometimes it will depend upon the trip and mood of RTA (Roads and Transports Authority) if they’ll pass you or not. Driving classes fees are not joke mind you. The initial fee paid by my hubby for his 20 classes is around AED 4,000. 48,000 pesos yan mga neng! 1 LV bag na yan! And more if you will take 40 classes. Since Poy already has 5yrs+ driving license from Pinas, he needs 20 classes only. The actual road test is another AED 700 (Php 8,000). So imagine if you have failed 5 times in the road test, tumataginting na Php 40,000 pesos na yun agad! Would you believe that there are cases that a person failed for 20 times already and hasn’t got his license still?! True! Ganyan ka “sikat” ang mahiwagang lisensya na yan dito sa Dubai.

For my husband’s case, he failed TWICE already. Muntik na sya mag suicide nyan because his savings for his dream 42’ inch TV was totally swiped out. I told him to forget about the TV because sayang naman all his efforts in his driving license kung unahin pa nya bumili ng TV debah?

Then just this morning, by God’s grace and Jay’s advice (thanks darling sa malulupet mong payo!!!), my dearest husband finally got his dream driving license! Yeba!!

Having a driver’s license is a must for Poy, lalo na kung may asawa syang galgal na gaya ko hehe. It’s more practical too since we often go out because of our Mimay. And most especially he needs it for his work. More doors of opportunities will surely be opened for hubby. All praises to God for this wonderful blessing! Ang lakas lakas talaga namin sayo Papa Jesus, salamat po!

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