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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I just want to share how exhausting my day is coming to and from work, 6 days a week! I know I have repeatedly mentioned here in my blog na ganun kasaklap ang working schedule namin dito sa office. And I am currently praying that God will move miraculously in my situation. May it be a new job for me or a drastic schedule change here in my current work. Nothing is impossible to HIM, I know.

Our work schedule starts at 9:15 am-6pm, from Saturday to Thursday. Our office is located in a vast Industrial Area here in Dubai. It’s an hour away from where we are staying. Yan eh without traffic at kung direct pick up and drop off from office to our flat. But in my case, I don’t drive. So other than a private car, the normal mode of transportation is by metro or coaster service. Coaster service is more convenient for me, mas mura pa. The cons lang are the waiting time for other passengers and the traffic. Pag by metro kasi, from our office I need to take a cab pa going to the nearest metro station. Mas hassle.

In the morning, pick up time is 7:15am and we usually arrive in the office at 8:30am. Wala pa kasi masyado traffic. But see? 2 hours before my time-in, I need to leave the house na. But this is okay with me because atleast I still have ample time to have my breakfast since I arrive early in office.

Eto ang problema, sa gabi. I leave the office at 6pm, but we have to wait for other passengers pa until 6:30pm. At ang traffic, saucemeh!

Look here. This photo is taken inside our coaster. 7:45 pm na but I’m still on my way home braving the traffic.
Can you imagine that? I’m out of the house 14 hours a day, 6 days a week! So what is the bottomline here? Eto: bakit despite of my nakakangarag na work schedule, hindi man lang ako namamayat kahit konte??

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