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Monday, September 19, 2011


One day, when Mimay will come across her Mamee’s blog, I’m sure she will be very thrilled to see her kirengkeng photos with this very handsome lil boy.
my favorite shot of all!

Photos taken in Dino’s place in Jumeirah last Friday.

Ganito ang tipo kong maging manugang after 40 years, englisero at flawless choz! But yes, you read it right. 42 years old ko pa papayagan mag asawa si Mimay. Tamang tama, 67 nko nun, pwede na maging Lola Nani. Eeew!

I hope Mimay’s boypren in Pinas will not get jealous hehe. Hi Renren! Ang playgirl ng anak ko haha!

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