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Monday, September 19, 2011


Yesterday ang arte ko. Wala lang. Gusto ko kasi ishopping si Mimay eh wala ko budget, umisip ako ng paraan. Madiskarteng mamee ata to! :)

The very morning of yesterday kunyari I’m not feeling well na. I didn’t talk too much. I’m not minding hubby. He was texting me pero ang tipid ko magreply. He called but I’m not in the mood when we were talking. Kunyari sad ako. He noticed. I said I’m feeling bad because sale sa Max and Babyshop but I don’t have budget to shop for Mimay’s clothes. Then he replied, “cge bibi bibili tayo mamaya”.

Gusto ko tumalon sa galak! Successful ang drama ko lol! When Poy gets to read this, buking ang drama ko. Kaya next time ibang approach naman haha! I am just too happy that I was able to get cheap and nice clothes for our Mimay. I’m so excited to show ‘em all to you!

This is one of my favorite, a red sleeveless polka blouse @ AED 34 (P400) less 25%. This is perfect for Mimay’s red boots!

Pink comfy dress with matching hair accessory @ AED 34 (P400) less 40% ata.

Yellow blouse sale @ AED 15 (P180)

White and navy blue shirt sale @ AED 15 also

Yellow green romper. Very cute! I forgot how much this cost.

And my best buys: slimfit jeans @AED 69 (P800) each from Babyshop na over sa ka cute-an! Bagay na bagay sa bagets!

Look at the details of this, kyooooot!!

The pros of having a baby girl, you get to dress her like your very own little doll! I’m so loving it!

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