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Thursday, September 15, 2011


I’ve been itching to blog since I came to office this morning. Ang dami ko ng utang na kwento. I have quite a number of entries parked in my drafts folder waiting for final touch ups. Some photos kasi are in our laptop at home but unfortunately paguwi ko I don’t have time to face our laptop anymore, our little biik will not allow me. But I will make it up to you guys, promise! (as if may regular readers talaga ko haha! nani feeling amp!)

I just want to share first the latest. I came back to office today after my 2 days sick leave. I wasn’t supposed to come yet because I’m still not super okay, but I have a feeling na bumabaha na ang pendings ko, and guess what? I am so right!

But before I tell you the reason for my sick leave, intro muna. During the normal days in the office, it’s not very unusual to see me in the toilet often, as in O.F.T.E.N. ha? Tambayan ko talaga yan. Kung pwede lang dalhin laptop sa loob, nagawa ko na malamang. I find peace in the toilet, di ba kaya nga REST room? I feel calm seeing the white tiles, the lavatory, the toilet bowl and especially the mirror as I’m putting my lip gloss over and over again. Yes I’m abnormal that way. All my solo pictures are taken inside the toilet too. Ay aminin, gawain nyo din yan! Sauce!
But last Monday was different. I made a toilet trip for almost 25 times. And in all those 25 times, tumae lang ako! Sorry for the term, too straight haha! Stomach pain is killing me for the whole day until I had fever na din in the afternoon. I was literally shaking on my way home. Nilalagnat, natatae, nilalamig! We were supposed to dine out that night with my mom, hubby and Mimay but because of my condition, we postponed it.

To cut the story short, I was sent to the hospital the next day and found out that I have bacterial infection and due to my frequent pooping, I was already dehydrated hence my fever and chilling. I was immediately wheeled to ER and the doctor instructed to put on dextrose to me to replace the lost fluids. I was given antibiotics too.
I am feeling better now, although not completely well. It really helped a lot if you have a super dooper mega over caring husband like Poy. Um-OA level na nga hehe. Una, nagbilin personally na wag ko daw kalimutan inumin medicines ko. Mya-mya nagtext, wag ko daw kalimutan medicines ko. After text tumawag na, wag ko daw kalimutan medicines ko. Tapos pag open ko ng gmail ko, may message, wag ko daw kalimutan medicines ko. May nag pop na chat box, si Poy, wag ko daw kalimutan medicines ko. Kung sinunod ko lahat yun, malamang over dose inabot ko. Kaloka! Haha! I love you bibi! You’re really the best! Thanks for taking care of me.

O sha 6pm na pala, ang daldal ko talaga. Uwian na! Have a blessed weekend guys!

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