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Sunday, September 25, 2011


Eversince the world began, I’m a coffee person. Adik ako sa kape, slightly. I drink one in the morning, after lunch, in our afternoon break and sometimes even after dinner.
Starbucks’ Tazo. I have never tasted Starbucks’ version of Chai. This is currently not available in Dubai :(
But since I was introduced to Chai Latte especially to Caribou, Nani the Chai addict was born. I find solace in drinking chai. It’s very relaxing and soothing. I love it’s sweet, creamy taste with a kick.

But since it will be very impractical for me to get Caribou on a daily basis, I treat myself instead to this cheap but equally delicious and refreshing Lipton Chai Latte.
‘Pwede na ang sarap’ pero hindi sing-mahal! =) I particulary love the Chocolate flavor.

I have also come to know the benefits of drinking Chai. According to studies, (1) Black tea, the main ingredient of Chai, has numerous antioxidants which help slow the aging process by protecting us against free radicals. Ay this is really bongga! I kinda fear getting all wrinkled soon.  (2) It’s also a good digestive aid. I notice nga, since I started drinking chai, my bowel movement became regular. Would you believe that it’s normal for me to poop every 3-4 days? Yup, ganyan ka-abnormal metabolism ko hence my katabaan. But now, everyday na sya. (3) And lastly, tea has less caffeine content compared to coffee.  

I am now a certified “chai virgin no more” and I loveeet! Let’s cheers to that!

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