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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Last night, we attended our Tuesday church service in Oud Metha (church A). This is the same church we’ve been attending since our first week here in Dubai. Last 2 months though, we needed to transfer to a different Christian church (church B) for some reasons. I love it there. People are very warm and friendly. My busmate/friend Grace is one of the leaders in that church & she has been really nice to us. Actually lahat sa church na yun mababait. Mimay has friends na din there. There’s Thirdy and Zoe/Zowie.

But one day, my mom came to me and said “Neng ang hirap naman mag church dun sa church natin ngaun. Amerikano ang pastor. Hindi ko maintindhan ang preaching.” I was like “Makinig ka na lang mabuti mi. Madali naman maintindihan si Pastor.” My mom nodded and said okay. But last Friday, we have a guest preacher na amerikano na naman. I said to myself “Patay! Dugo na naman ilong ng nanay ko nito!” 

I was observing my mom the whole preaching, she was looking at me from time to time as if asking for my help. Ang hirap naman kung ittranslate ko lahat sa kanya yung message. Then prayer time came. The guest preacher asked us to close our eyes and bow our heads as he utters his prayers for us. The prayer ended for more than a minute already but I saw my mom still bowing her head with closed eyes. So there, she really cannot understand that the prayer is finish na. I told my husband about it.

Nani: Bi balik na lang kaya tyo sa church A kasi nahihirapan ang mommy intindihin pag English ang message.
Poy: O cge bi, mahirap nga minsan maintindihan eh.
Nani: Sabagay lalo sa mommy, di naman sanay yun sa English speaking pastor. Ikaw ba bi ok lang syo pag English ang preaching? Naintindihan mo naman?
Poy: Hindi rin! (grins!)

Kaloka! Konti na lang talaga, hihimatayin na ko sa asawa ko. Pero atleast honest no? lol!

So with that, bago pa mag nose bleed ang asawa at mommy ko, we finally decided to attend again in church A which started nga last night. We were welcomed warmly by our former churchmates. The Filipino pastor delivered God’s message well which made my mom happy. “Yan ang preaching! Malinaw!” sabi ni mader.

There was also a 3.5 year old handsome boy there who became Mimay’s instant friend. May problema lang, English speaking ang bagets. I took some photos of them kaya lang it’s in my hubby’s mobile. I overheard them talking like this.
CJ: Come let’s go outside. Let’s go.
Mimay: Is this upo (while pushing CJ to sit down)
CJ: Huh?
Mimay: Is this laro (showing the game in my iphone to CJ)
CJ: Huh?
Mimay: Is this milk (while giving her milk to CJ)
CJ: (wrinkled his forehead while looking at me, gulong gulo na sya sa anak ko hahaha!)

Mimay’s like that. She always put the words “Is this” whenever somebody would speak to her in English. Maybe she got it from us kasi if we teach her the alphabet or numbers we ask her this way. “Anak what letter/number IS THIS?” Getz? Hahaha!

Hay! When kaya wil I get over these nose bleed issues??

To my ‘Lord of the Harvest’s Tabernacle’ family, I will all miss you! Sa langit, tyo pa rin ang magkakapatid ;) Salamat po sa lahat.

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