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Sunday, September 4, 2011


When our baby girl moved here in Dubai with us, Poy and I seldom go out on date. There’s always this guilty feeling on my part if we go out without Mimay. Kaso lately, it seems like Poy and I barely had time for each other. I personally feel na napapabayaan ko na ata asawa ko.

So with that, we thought that we should really have a regular date. Yung kami lang talaga ni Poy, parang jowa days lang. We admitted that we were both overwhelmed of the fact that Mimay’s here with us for good that’s why we became lenient of each other. It’s not healthy for a relationship. Dapat may tweetums at bolahan moment pa rin once in a while.

So last Tuesday night, after Mimay’s playtime, hubby and I went out for a simple date. We decided to watch Captain America 3D. Nakakahiya man, but yes, this is our first time to actually experience watching a 3D film.
We arrived late in Deira City Centre so di na namin inabot yung 9pm showing. We settled for the last full show at 11:45 pm. We killed time by strolling around. We went to one of Poy’s happy place, Sharaf DG. This is a shop of electronic gadgets. Nakakasuya, ang dami daming TV, speakers, laptop, etc. Now I know my husband’s feeling pag nasa Forever 21 kami hehe.  

After sometime, hubby wanted to have spicy noodles daw. Since we’re still full from our late snack, we just wanted to eat something light. Since he wanted noodles, we tried this Chinese Resto in City Centre, China Times. When I was browsing their menu, weirdly though, they have maki. Parang ang labo no? Chinese resto na may maki. But since favorite ko ang maki, I ordered for it. Although I didn’t expect too much kasi baka trying hard ang lasa. But I was wrong, their California maki is delicious! Lumalaban sa Yakitori, infairness!
Mejo pricey lang sila. The California maki is AED 36 (Php432) while hubby’s Spicy beef noodle (na super liit ng bowl) is AED 44 (Php 528). Peklat, ang eat all you can sa Ponderosa AED 50 lang ah.         

Anyway, after our snack, we headed na to the movie house. We purchased our ticket in advance so that we’ll have a sure seat. We get to choose our own seat, cool! The ticket cost us AED 50 (Php 600) per head which already includes the 3D glasses.
Ang pogi ni Captain America! Muntik na malaglag ang maluwag kong mini skirt. Choz!
We were seated in love seats. These are seats for two without an armrest in the middle na super comfortable. We shared a tumbler of popcorn and enjoyed every scene.

Thanks bibi for a simple yet wonderful date night! I love you more and more each day!

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