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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I was so puyat last night but nevertheless I woke up this morning feeling energized and recharged. I suppose you know why (Nani smiles and winks haha) Anyway, hindi yan ang gusto kong iblog. I’m kinikilig and excited for something.

Remember I told you that ever since I really want a beach wedding? To get married with Poy in a warm, serene beach listening to the sounds of the waves, barefoot in the sand, with a fantastic sunset view… is a big dream for me and you know what? IT WILL HAPPEN!!!

Oh well, it’s not that I’m unhappy with our 2008 garden wedding. Getting married in Tagaytay, with a perfect sight of Taal lake, is a dream come true for me too.

But honestly, I wanted a beach wedding more. It just didn’t materialize for us basically because me and Poy both came from Laguna. Walang beach dun. The nearest is Batangas pa. San Juan or Laiya which are already far from our place. Unlike Tagaytay, via Sta Rosa, travel time is just an hour. Less hassle for the guests. Plus, we got married on June (on my bday too), rainy month yun so delikado din if the location is beach. We don’t want naman to move our wedding month. So with those, we crossed out the possibility of us getting married in a beach.  

But now, 3.5 years after being married with my dear hubby, naiisip ko pa rin si beach wedding. Tapos naka red dress ako and curly curly-han hair. I’m just thinking now that sana we braved out the beach wedding planning before.  I told it to Poy. Oo naman ng oo yun, wag lang ba ako magalit. But the past days and especially last night was different, serious ang usapan namin and husband really has plans of renewing our wedding vows on our 5th year anniversary. Saan? Sa beach! *cartwheel 1000x*
praying that our's will have a view of burj al arab too!
I’m still in cloud nine right now, as in! I’m still slowly digesting everything. Naeexcite ako eh! First, I am going to have my dream beach wedding 5 years after my dream garden wedding! Lucky lucky me! Second, we will get to celebrate it with Mimay as our flower girl and malay mo I’m preggers na din with our second by that time =) And lastly, seryoso si Poy irenew ang vows nya with me! Hindi nya ko ia-annull after 5 years howyes!!!

But it’ll be super simple lang, I’m just so excited to wear a red dress in a beach tapos the guests would wear white and flip flops. Okay na yun sa kin. No need for grandiose preparations. I have initial plans and ideas already in mind. We’re just not decided yet whether it will be here in Dubai or sa Pinas. But it will surely be a very intimate celebration, very unlike our 2008 wedding na parang meeting-de-avance (how do you spell that nga?). Sobrang simple lang this time pero sa beach at naka RED ako. Yun yon! =)
I want a dress similar to this, good luck sa kin at sa cleavage ko haha!
Me to Poy: Bi ok lang kahit KFC meal lang food sa beach wedding (vow renewal) natin, importante maganda suot namin ni Mimay ;) LOL!

I really pray everything will go well especially ang budget ;) Please pray with us.

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