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Monday, September 5, 2011


Dear Mimay,
Yesterday we celebrated your 29 months of existence, which I can say is the happiest 29 months of my life. Because of you anak, Mamee Nani and Dadee Poy were born. Thank you. Your dadee and I still can’t believe that you have grown this fast. Easy lang neng ha? We still want to enjoy you more. Sobra kami in-love ni dadee mo sayo. You are such an adorable baby girl, sobra! The sweetest and biba baby on earth!
kabog si mamee sa boots!
For your 29th month celebration, we had a simple dinner in Salt ‘n Vinegar with your naynay. You were so hyper as usual. You accidentally tasted the spicy garlic dip which made you scream your lungs out. We were so tensed! Buti na lang you’re brave because after sometime you’re okay na ulit. Kulit na ulit.

The same night, you received your first ever Hannah Montana bike as our gift to you. You were so happy =) I can’t explain the happiness I am feeling just by seeing you jump in joy and excitement for having your own bike.
We love you so much neng. You are God’s greatest gift to us. Happy 29th month!


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