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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Last night was indeed one of the most stressful nights of my life. Monday na Monday.

Last night after dinner, Mimay and I were playing in our living room while husband was in the kitchen preparing my baon for the next day. Suddenly, Poy came rushing, asking me to get him a towel. I looked at him and saw his finger bleeding profusely. Na-mental block ako! Takot ako sa dugo eh. Good thing I have attentive friends who immediately did the first aid to Poy. What happened pala was, he was opening the canned meat loaf using a can opener (syempre!) and thought that the cover is completely detached already. So he pulled the cover and ayun, nsabit ung finger nya because part pala of the cover was still attached to the can.

We went right away to the nearest hospital in our area. Thanks to our dearest friends Lyn & Win for driving us to Canadian Hospital. Hubby was attended to the ER and the doctor informed us that his finger needs to be xray-ed to make sure tendons are not affected. After which, we were informed that the wound must be stitched because the wound is deep. Excuse me lang po sa mga mejo maselan, if you are that type, please feel free to stop reading this post especially with the photos that I’ll be showing you.

My bibi in the ER. Lyn did a good first aid to stop the bleeding.
I intentionally group the next photos so that it will not look too vulgar here in my blog. I was beside Poy the whole time the surgeon stitched his finger. See the ratty face of my husband? That was during the injection of anesthesia directly on his wound! Ay tumibok ang buong laman ko mga teh! Parang ayoko muna kumain ng tocino or longganisa for 3 months hehe.
Hubby was also given anti-tetanus shot, pain killer and antibiotics. It was surely one unforgettable night. Stress Drilon ako to the highest level!

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