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Monday, September 19, 2011


“Ayaw!”, “No no no!”  These are the common words that you will hear from our adorable childzilla. Mimay has been exhibiting behaviors that really get into my nerves. Nakakaloka sya mga ate I tell you!
From a once tiny and harmless baby, our daughter has turned into a child that cannot handle sitting in one place even for just two minutes. All she wants to do is run, squirm and knock-off anything her hands get into. She loves doing crazy acrobatic moves that gives us heart attacks. Yes folks, Mimay has officialy entered the “Terrible Twos” phase of her life and it’s driving us nuts! She’s starting to make her own choices and gradually expressing her growing independence and curiosity.
Calling her attention and asking her to do something seems very difficult nowadays. She just kept on doing what pleases her and seldom listens to us. She also gets easily frustrated at things, parang may period lang ang loka! If she doesn’t get what she wants, she’ll whine, scream and cry her lungs out! Sobrang daldal pa, parang matanda nung unang panahon kung magsalita. Ang pilosopa pa kamo! She also have this undpredictable mood swings lately. Minsan tawa ng tawa and very active, minsan naman ang snob, gusto lang sa room. Ano ba yun?! Poy and I just laugh it off. Para lang kaming may kasamang madaldal na lasing sa bahay lol!
But on a lighter note, Mimay is becoming more and more affectionate too. She loves to kiss and cuddle. Her sweetness really melts our heart. Just one power hug from her and everything feels so perfect. Hay Lord, thank you for this tiny creature! We’re totally smitten by her!  And regarding the TT phase, it shall come to pass I know :)

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  1. same boat sis,kaloka talaga tong mga bagets ang tindi ng mood swings! ganyan din si Xian,napapansin ko lang minsan he's the one trying to manipulate us pero in a cute way.yes,it shall come to pass pero sana as soon as possible na! :)