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Sunday, October 2, 2011


Last Friday night, Mimay wasn’t feeling well because of her bulok front teeth. Ang sakit daw and she can’t drink her milk. She was crying so much which made her vomit big time. As in with trajectory. She’s like that when she cries heavily, she vomits. Then by Saturday morning, she woke up looking like a chipmunk because her upper gum is already swollen.  

I forgot to take photo when Mimay’s gum was engorged to the highest level. This shot was taken when she was feeling a little better na. But still, iba itsura nya no?

I decided not to come for work yesterday. I am so worried of her. I am in battle now whether to bring Mimay to a dentist to extract all her front four upper teeth or not. I spoke to a Filipino dentist just this morning and he told me that Mimay needs to be sedated if incase we decided to let go of her upper teeth because she will surely not behave given her young age. But I’m kinda hesitant of the sedation procedure. I’m anxious what if she stops breathing? What if she’ll get allergic reactions? What if she will not regain her consciousness? Nakaka praning! I think Mimay’s too young to experience that. But the other side of me can’t also take it seeing my daughter cry in pain. Kung pwede lang ngipin ko na lang ang sumakit hay!

Right now, hubby and I decided to observe first because last night Mimay’s active na ulit and she was able to eat and drink her milk again. We will just ban her from eating sweets and we’ll impose to her a strict brushing schedule.  Hopefully, her teeth will not act up crazy again. Ako ang maloloka pag naiyak na si Mimay eh.

She’s back to her normal happy self but the swelling is still there.

This is exactly the reason why we want Mimay to stay with us or me staying for good in Pinas. In situation like this, we want her to know and feel that Mamee and Dadee care and love her to bits.

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