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Sunday, October 31, 2010



To keep me sane as the official work week starts, let me do some junk blogging first about some weird (?) facts and trivia about myself. Who cares care bears? Wala lang, share ko lang =) Hoooray for this outlet for all my inane thoughts!

I HATE UPO and PATOLA. Period with an exclamation point! Blame it on my taste buds.
I AM A BUS OWL THEN. Back in pinas, to and from office I rarely sleep in our shuttle service. Even if jam-packed traffic pa yan, I’m 100% awake. Main reason is, I am simply not used to sleeping while travelling not unless long driving na talaga. I don’t want to get a stiff neck so I choose not to sleep and enjoy day dreaming instead or kwentuhan galore with my fave bus buddy, Aimee. Miss u Aimz! That was then. Everything changed when I came here in Dubai. Barely 5 minutes after I ride our coaster service, I look like a comatose patient, plastered in my seat. Bigay na bigay sa pag-nganga! Now, you will rarely see me awake in the service, except only when I’m seated beside my service buddies Carl, Leila and Lykz =)
I’M A FREAKIN’ COWARD of ghost movies but I love watching it. If you would ask me to choose between Titanic and Shutter, I’d give my vote to Shutter. I want that feeling of “nakakakilabot na takot!” I love it when I can’t go to the bathroom alone, can’t go anywhere alone and can’t even look at the mirror thinking that a white lady would appear anytime. Hehe masokista ate?
I HATE BANANA CATSUP but I love bananas. Banana split, turon, banana Q, banana in pochero, turdan, senorita, saba, lacatan and all kinds except for banana catsup. Sorry UFC, I’m just not a tamis anghang fanatic.
PRINGLES in TOMATO CATSUP is overly heaven for me. Try it, ang sarap kaya!
CHOCOLATE is my source of comfort. It is my staple food. I can’t live without it kahit pa cloud nine or bigbang lang yan. Anything sweet I like except for bare sugar. Wag naman asukal for dessert hehe.
PAKWAN LOVER. I can eat 1 whole watermelon in 1 sitting! Beat that!

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