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Monday, October 11, 2010


Meet my super kikay sister-in-christ and kumare, Abby! We have known each other since our highschool days but became friends on our 3rd year highschool. We became closer and more click during college days when she transferred to Letran together with Cha.  Both of them are my most kikay and pretty friends! Even if they’re in Arts and Sciences Department while I’m on Engineering Department, nothing can stop us from always seeing each other in school para mag chismisan =) I miss our isaw days gurls!! So anyway, here is Saudia’s dependable FA share of her own fab find. Thanks sis! Cu soon here in DXB!

I super duper like Neutrogena Oil Free Eye make up remover because it erases my make up perfectly. It’s like erasing marks of pencil in a piece of paper. Really! Even waterproof and long wearing makeup! It’s very gentle and lightweight on the skin not to mention inexpensive.

I always wear makeup almost everyday as a job requirement and this product really helps me when I just came home from duty. My way of using this is that I make three dabs of this product in 2 square cottons and wipe it over my eyes first and the other side of the cotton on the rest of my face.

In Singapore, I bought this for SGD12 but here in Jeddah, KSA I think it is SR14.

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