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Monday, October 4, 2010


27 years ago, an extra-ordinary and rare specie was created by God to be a friend to everyone =) Rare because this woman embodies beauty, brains and a kind heart, rolled into one. This beauty title holder turned wife and mom is no other than, my ever dearest, beautiful inside and out kumare, Joy!
Joy with her pretty baby Lexie!
Celebrant: Joy Alcantara-Paunlagui
Birthday: October 2, 1983
Age: Still hot at 27!        
Most Loved: Aside from food (hehe jowk!), it’s gotta be her family and siblings, friends, work, hubby Alex and their ever adorable daughter Lexie!

Everyone had a blast from Joy’s personally prepared buffet dinner meals. She is a superb cook by the way, it runs in the blood I think. I was literally swallowing my saliva when I saw all these:

PORK KALDERETA – this is Joy’s pamatay na recipe! As in you will forget your name when you get to taste her super sarap na kaldereta. I can eat it everyday and I will never get “sawa” of eating it. Sauce pa lang, winner na!

FRIED CHICKEN – mare’s version of fried chicken is different. It looks grilled at first pero fried pala. I had two big portion of this =) I’m a chicken lover eh.

TUNA PASTA – perfect tuna pasta ever! This was prepared by mare’s pretty kikay sister Eileen, it runs in the blood talaga. Very creamy and tasty.

CHICKEN SOTANGHON – It may look very simple kasi sotanghon is a common dish di ba? Pero swear ang sarap din nito. It has lots of chicken strips na bongga sa taste!

PORK LIEMPO – yummy grilled marinated pork = high blood! I just tasted one promise =)

RELYENONG BANGUS – I don’t eat bangus, I actually hate it. I’m crying talaga everytime bangus ang ulam back in Pinas. My husband, family, even my mother-in-law knew about it. They always make sure to prepare other dish for me if bangus is served in our dining table. I had a trauma kasi when I tasted milk fish na lasang lupa, yikes! But when I came here in Dubai, I bravely tried to taste bangus and wow ang sarap pala! Even if it’s frozen sa mga supermarket, the taste is still good. So with that, I really enjoyed this relyeno prepared by Ate Yeng. Nag take-home pa ko actually! =)

DINAKDAKAN – whatever it is hehe. I don’t know also if I spelled it right. I wasn’t able to taste it so I have nothing to say =)

CAKE – the celebrant had a red ribbon ube roll and M&S meringue cake na over sa sarap! I have to make a special blog talaga of Marks & Spencer’s cakes and cookies. They all taste so good. Soon soon soon!

We went home bloated but happy as we gathered to celebrate the special day of our dear friend Joy. Lasing kami sa busog at saya =)

Happy happy happy birthday mare! You are such a blessing in our life, you know that. You’ve been so kind to me and Poy. I love you much much much!!

Sorry no photos here. The camera was corrupted for some reasons =(

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