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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I think our lunch today deserves a blog =) Why? Because we had seafood feast right before our eyes. My office mates Ate Maria, Cel, Mae and yours truly coincidentally had sea creatures for lunch. We usually bring packed lunch in the office since the foods served in our pantry are mostly Indian cuisines. We simply don’t eat those because of the putok-y smell and sipon-y texture. Sorry for the adjectives used ;p

Here in Dubai, one of the main dilemmas is the daily menu. Ang hirap kaya mag-isip! My mom’s right all along, it’s really hard to think of “what to cook” the next day. Hay adult life!

As I was saying, today for lunch, we had SEAFOODS DE-LATS, not delight because it wasn’t delightful at all haha!
Canned bangus fillet, canned sardines (not in the picture kasi binubuksan pa haha!) and canned tuna of different flavors. Whatta lunch! But of course, we thank the Lord for the blessings. Others nga don’t have anything for lunch eh db?

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