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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Another blessed and blissful year for 101’s inhenyerong ala eh! If there is one word that would best describe the celebrant, it has to be “MALUPET”. Malupet sa KAINAN at TULUGAN =) Malupet din for having a super pretty, very talented and bait girlfriend like Aileen and most of all malupet na kapatid. He is one of the very few responsible kuya I have ever met. Win only has 7 siblings lang naman which made him decide to live a life away from his family. He wanted them to have a good life, nice no?
Celebrant: Herwin Mendoza Balita
Birthday: October 4, 1982
Age: 82 este 28 pala ;)
Most Loved: Food, Bed, Pillows and Aileen

Just only a week after mareng Joy’s birthday celebration, eto kainan na naman! Everyone had a fun night eating, laughing and celebrating with Win. I have a segway kwento pala. Before the actual dinner, we were in the kitchen helping in the food preparation and at the same time kumakain na din :) Win came and told me this:
Win: “Si nani PT!”
Nani: “Huh? Ano yun? (nguya nguya)
Win: “Patay Gu.. ah eh.. (isip isip).. ah mali PG pala dapat hehe!”
Nani: “Hahaha kala ko Patay Tutom!”
Kaloka ang birthday celebrant, mahina sa spelling haha joke! ;) Well, acceptable naman. Engineers are like that kaya if may mali minsan on my grammar or spelling, forgive me din, I am better in numbers ;p

Look what we got for Win’s special day:
DINUGUAN – cooked by 101’s fabulous chef, Jay. Ang sarap sarap sarap! Perfectly matched with brown bread. I had ahhhmm 2 este 3 ahhh I mean 4 servings pala of this :D
PANCIT BIHON and LUMPIANG SHANGHAI – for long life! Prepared ofcourse by Win’s one and only Lyn. Turned out to be very delicious because it’s made out of love =)

MENUDO and BICOL EXPRESS – personally prepared and cooked by Aileen again, she’s such a sweet girlfriend :)
Lyn is becoming better in cooking, kainggit! Wife material talaga, like me haha!

CAKE - birthday is not a birthday after all without the birthday cake, but for Win, we have birthday CAKES! He’s that special eh. Chocolate mousse cake and mocca cake especially for Win.  Forget muna ang diet ;) Here are the super busog and happy guests.

As usual, the center of the celebration is our ever adorable inaanak Lexie pie! She taught us new dance steps of “the chicken dance!” All of us dance the night away with Lexie. Imagine the chicken dance? Haha! I remember that was one of our dance presentations during our elem days, cute! The celebration ended by all of us watching Piranha. It was one of the most kadiri films I’ve ever watched. Nakakapanlambot how Piranhas ate the human flesh. I was supposed to eat pa sana from Win’s handa kaya lang I can’t imagine eating anymore after I watched that movie.  

Summing it up, it was a fun filled night celebrating Win’s special day! We love yah Win and happy happy happy birthday!

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