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Saturday, October 23, 2010


From a brood of lawyers, Ronalin or Nalin is my highschool classmate and friend way back in St. John and Letran. Such a sweet and clever lass with a pretty face and a sexy bod. You can’t ask for more!
Thanks Atty for your perfect and panalong kikay find! I myself will surely try this one =)

In life, it is always good to start with a clean slate. We want things clean, blemish-free and spotless. This also holds true in the world of beauty. A clean, clear, and supple skin is the most important foundation in building up one’s make-up or look. With a perfect skin, the color of any make up whether eye shadow, blush, and bronzers appear more alive and vibrant. We are born with perfect skin but age, dirt, pollution and stress give way to pimples, acne marks, spots, lines, oiliness – things that mar the real beauty in one’s face. I am fair-skinned but my problem is my oily face. It has always been my dream to have that flawless, fair and glowing skin. I had the problem of what product to use as powder or foundation. When I use liquid foundation, it turns into a greasy mess afterwards, melts and leaves only a bare film of the supposed “full” coverage it promised to deliver. Powder foundations in compacts are worse because they make my face look cakey. I feel like I am carrying a poundage of chemicals on my face. To add insult to the injury, these heavy poundages on the face only gives a sheer coverage that eventually fades during the middle of the day. And how is one supposed to reapply liquid foundation? That is too much work and we busy girls simply have no time for that.
It is a bit pricey though at about P950 per bottle but it is enough for about 3 months of everyday use. So, what is ten peso per day in order to have a porcelain glowing skin without the messy goo? Try it and see for yourself and I am sure that you’ll have that extra confidence in your step knowing that your skin looks perfect all day long.
I tried all the expensive brands… Lancome, Chanel, Mac liquid foundations. Nothing worked. Until my Tita who is one of the Head Chemists in Loreal in New York gave me this uniquely shaped bottle of LOREAL MINERAL FOUNDATION back in 2007. With just a little swipe, my face instantly turned into this porcelain perfection. It feels so air light and as it is mineral makeup, it is hypoallergenic. I even slept with my make up on and guess what, no itching, no morning after blemishes. It also offers whole day coverage. Promise. Minimal touch-ups lng kaya matipid tlga. No kidding friends. Those with oily skin have got to try this. What is cool, is that it is in a powder form and is very easy to apply. From then on, it became a necessity for me. Law school will really challenge one’s beauty because you regularly sleep only for about 4-5 hours a day for the whole 4 years. That is when there are no midterm or final examinations. During exams, an hour of sleep is a piece of heaven. So, I gotta have this foundation by my side all the time to work out its magic and make me look like a decent person. And yes, it did its job marvelously. So far, mukha pa nman daw akong tao haha..

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