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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I remember during our first few months here in Dubai, I was so problematic of Mimay’s appetite. According to my mommy, Mimay’s not gaining weight because she seldom asks for milk. What’s worst is she’s not so much into solid foods like rice. She prefers mashed food and soup only. This really bothered and worried me too much. It made me cry more especially when my Kumareng Layds told me that, maybe Mimay is also adjusting since it’s less than a month only when we left Pinas. Maybe Mimay is ofcourse longing for our presence kaya wala syang gana =( How I wanted to go home na that time!
she's like that back June 2010 =(

Since it’s very impractical and impossible for me to go home, I told my mom to visit Mimay’s pedia and ask for some vitamins. Dra. Fonte of CMC hospital prescribed Heraclene to increase our baby’s desire for milk or food. It’s actually a capsule where you need to open and put the powder directly to the milk or food.  After weeks, my mom and siblings noticed that gradually nagiimprove nga. Mimay’s becoming matakaw na daw and she particulary likes squash, spaghetti and sopas.  She took this capsule just for a month.
improving level - nataba na =)

And now, may long term effect ata ang Heraclene na yun o talagang sumosobrang takaw lang si Mimay. She’s gaining more weight and can finish 5-6 cans of 1.6kg Progress Gold in 1 month! Kaloka! Just barely seeing her in skype, feeling ko super bigat na nya talaga. Siksik kasi and she looks prettier! Happy mamee nani! ;)  

According to my in-laws, Mimay’s getting heavier every week and she asks for milk very often. Ang bagsik daw sa gatas haha! Then my sister told me also that she’s teasing Mimay as “Mimay taba!” and super laugh lang ang dalaga namin. Hay I’m missing her more!

How I wish November 14 na so that I can personally attest na mataba at mabigat na talaga si Mimay namin! =)

I will soon post new photos of mas improved Mimay =)

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  1. Super cute ni Mimay! Laki nga ng improvement from the first pic nung second pic. Siksik na siksik. Sana si Johan ko din maging ganyan. :) Thanks for frequenting my blog sis! Carryng carry mo yang "busy-ness" sa work. Have a great week!