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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Right after lunch in the office the other day, I had a short but sensible talk with an office mate and an experienced mom as well. She shared her traumatic lessons in raising her one and only daughter who happens to be a big time brat. And me as a cautious and OC newbie mom, listened carefully to her advices.

• It’s more advisable to have 2 or more children instead of only one. Parents kasi tend to lavish their only child with so much love and attention, which is more prone in developing a spoiled-brat kid. And an only child also tends to be selfish and shy thus making her socially withdrawn. (We have to have Mimoy talaga! Poy will love this for sure.)
• Wag magpapadala sa iyak ng bata. Let her cry and don’t easily give up on whatever she wants. (Waaah this is hard! I can’t stand Mimay crying.)
• Teach discipline as early as possible. Bata pa lang, putulin na ang sungay. (Yah yah Mimay anak I know you don’t have horns, well it just means that.. aargh hirap! Let Mamee explain this to you na lang when you grow up, ok?)

She has so many things pa sana to share kaya lang lunch break is over. Thanks Ma’am J! Till next time!

Apart from this, I realize sometimes blogging is quite risky because it makes a person vulnerable by being blunt and honest of her feelings. But at the end of the day I came to think that life is too short to keep all the emotions bottled up. Like now, I’m not shy to tell that I’m really scared and anxious on how to become an ideal mom for Mimay. But God told me to stop worrying. I still have too many things to learn but I know the ‘mom in me’ will just come out naturally. And God reminded me that I have Poy, our family, friends and most especially HIM to guide and help me raise a no-spoiled brat, MAKATAO, MAKABAYAN, MAKABANSA, MAKAKALIKASAN AT MAKA DIYOS daughter that in time, will thank us back for loving her all the way.

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