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Saturday, October 9, 2010


It was indeed another perfect weekend for me! Let me share what made this wife overly happy =)

Since we only got 1 day off from work every week, hubby and I made sure we spend it right. Before we doze off last Thursday after Win’s bday celebration (i’ll be posting this soon), we watched this suspense movie entitled Piranha. Warning: don’t watch this with kids, because it’s kinda porno at first. But the movie is entertaining and will keep you awake until the end because of the gross scenes. Especially when killer piranhas ate the human flesh, it’s very sickening promise. It’s the worst way to die for sure!

Came Friday morning, we had a fun skype moment with our dearest baby. Kaloka may ka-kissing scene ang dalaga namin. It’s actually his neighbor playmate Budong which is just a month older than Mimay. As in super smack sila sa lips and take note, si Mimay pa namin ang nahabol kay Budong! I almost fainted!

Then, we went to Burjuman Mall to attend the church service in All Nations Full Gospel until 2pm. We were supposed to meet up with friends after but for some reasons we decided instead to have a lunch date to celebrate in advance our 28th month as husband and wife =)

We went to this resto famous for serving multiple cuisines. It has actually many branches here in Dubai but we opt to try the Al Rigga Branch. The interior looks urbane and nice plus the aroma of Indian, Chinese, Thai, Filipino and Italian food is very inviting. But even before we enter the restaurant, I told husband that we should eat Filipino food only. I’m afraid of trying new cuisines. Sobrang gutom na ko para mag risk! :)

I think, it’s better to dine here in group because according to the waitress, their servings are humongous so it’s not practical to order different meals all at the same time. We might end up wasting the food. So we decided to order only Shrimp Sinigang, Fried Hamor (Lapulapu) and dessert. While waiting, the attendant served the mushroom soup and buttered bread.

When our order came, I immediately tasted the sinigang soup and I swear it’s very delicious! I think the chef is also a Kabayan. Pinoy na pinoy talaga yung taste. Super asim and it has many veggies din.
that's my gwapong gwapong bibi
Next is the Fried Hamor with fries. It’s kinda big nga for a sharing couple but it’s surely very meaty, tasty and crunchy! We didn’t finish the whole thing because we’re so full already. We wanted to try the strawberry cheesecake for our dessert but we can’t take it anymore na.
We paid our bill with a high-pitched burp and full smile =) Sarap ng food plus very cheap pa, panalo!
After our late lunch, we headed straight to City Centre for our weekly grocery needs. Since it is husband who is incharge of our grocery budget, I was just pushing the cart for him while he was checking out the meat, vegetables, fruits and “others” section.

When we were about to go to cab waiting area, I saw this boutique which made my eyes “unintentionally” shine, twinkle and sparkle ;) And I think hubby noticed it.

Poy: “Bi, nine west oh. Tara tingin ka.”
Nani: “Ah wag na bi, titingin lang pala. Tara uwi na tayo.”
Poy: “Hinde bi, syempre pag may gusto ka bibilhin natin basta dito na….”

Even before Poy ended whatever he wanted to say, nasa loob na ko ng nine west. Ang dali ko kaya kausap hihihi =) As usual, I was on my aligaga mode to find something to buy. I was trying on the flats kaya lang it looks very simple considering the price. I went instead on the bags section and found this perfect convertible bag! 1 piece lang sya so I immediately grabbed it. With my fingers crossed, I asked hubby if the bag is ok.

Poy: “Ganda bi, wala ka pa nga white bag.”
Nani: “Ganda nga bi kaya lang mahal eh no? Wag na, pinakita ko lang syo.”
Poy: “Hindi bi, nine west naman kaya ok lang yan. Kesa yung mura tapos di ka….”

Again, even before he finished whatever he wanted to say, I’m already in the cashier. Oh db sobrang dali ako kausap? :)
happy nani!

And to top it off, when we arrived home, Poy prepared my requested macaroni soup for dinner. Lucky lucky wife here! Oi infairness, I washed the casserole naman after he cooked =)

Happy happy 28th wedding monthsary tomorrow! I love u with all my heart.
I am so blessed to have you as my other-half.
Love you so much,

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