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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


goofing around with hubby

Since I’m kinda busy lately coz I have so many things in mind, (work, mimay and naynay’s docs coming here in dubai, period delayed for 2 weeks now, budget, diet, poy’s D90, gshock, homesick) now I seldom notice husband’s “unintentional” jokes. Not until I sat with him this morning while checking the newspaper.

Nani: “Bi sarap oh, subway. Kagutom! Kain tyo after office.” (while pointing the yummy sub sandwich photo in the newspaper)
Poy: “Sige bi bukas, may training ako after office mamya.” (which means he’ll be home late so hindi pwede tonight)
Nani: “Ok sige bukas bi ha? Hmm ano kaya masarap?”
Poy: “Yung DNT daw bi, sabi ni Dong masarap yun.” (Dong is our friend who works in Subway)
Nani: “DNT??!? May ganun ba bi?”
Poy: “Meron nun bi, basta yun daw masarap eh.”
Subway’s Italian Biggest, Meatiest, Tastiest sandwich

After sometime, I realized what he really meant after all was Subway’s Italian B.M.T! Nani laughing trip na naman umagang umaga! =)

Eto pa may pahabol. While watching movie starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence,

Nani: “Bi anong title nyan? Mukang maganda.”
Poy: “Bad Boy po”
Nani: “Talagang walang S yun? Si binoe ba bida jan bi?”
Poy: “Hahaha bi huli mo na naman ako eh! Bad Boysssss!”

He can’t be mad at me with this blog, I got him a new phone yesterday eh. Hehe! Right bi?;)

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