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Thursday, October 21, 2010


FRIENDSHIP is an in-depth relationship combining trust, support, communication, loyalty, understanding, empathy, and intimacy.

These are certainly aspects of life that all of us want and desire. Being an in-born Ms. Congeniality, I am one lucky person to have lots of true friends until this age. I have my elementary friends which eventually became my kumare afterwards, my highschool friends which I still keep in touch with, there are my college friends whom I truly treasure, my work friends that I miss most, my church friends that keeps me strong during life’s storm and my Dubai friends who selflessly accepted and welcomed us into a new world. But for today, it is my great privilege to share the strong bond I/we have built through all these years with FOC FOX.
Foc Fox (pronounced as FOK FOKS) was born during our thesis days back in college. Our professor asked us to identify each group with distinctive names. Out of nowhere we thought the name Foc Fox, with no reason at all, we just thought it’s cute and truly unique. Who do you think would want to name their group as foc fox? Db kami lang yun ;)

Foc fox is composed of 3 lovely ladies starting with Melanie Baracinas or Melai as we fondly call her.
She’s our Industrial Engg Society President back in college. Aktibong leader if I may say. And being an inborn leader, she’s the most responsible, persistent and patient among the 3 of us. She is also very kind hearted and helpful. Yun nga lang she’s super loud! For everyone who knows me, they will surely tell na maingay akong tao but Melai is more maingay promise! She has a lot to tell I guess because she is a brainy creature. Actually, that’s foc fox common denominator, we’re all brainy and ofcourse pretty ;) But even if Melai’s loud, she always makes sense. And apart from that, generous ang lola mo. We’re always looking forward to her birthday because Melai’s bday is equal to masarap na tsibugan! =)

Di nga lang sya masyado lucky when it comes to her lovelife (DATI YUN!). Among us, she had the most number of boyfriends because most of them only last to a month, 2 months, 4 months =) She seems nice naman with her bf, but why are they not lasting?? It’s a good thing that Melai easily recovers from heartaches. And speaking of that, I have a quick story. I remember when we were in college, Melai came rushing to our house early morning. She was crying to death because she broke up with her beau then and I don’t know how to console her. What made it worst is, that same day was her birthday! I immediately called up Leds, the other member of foc fox, to come and help me appease the ‘crying cow-birthday celebrant-with-no-bf’ in our house. After less than an hour Leds came and with full ears, we listened to Melai’s sentiments. When she was finished sharing her hurts, she calmly blurted “Tara girls, ok na ko. Lunch tayo, treat ko kayo.” Take note, full smile ang invitation na yun ha! Parang walang nangyari, kaloka! Sobrang bilis nya naka-recover. Less than 2 hours lang ata if I remember it right. Haha! But everything went different when she met Arman. They’ve been together for 4 years now. Pang-guinness!
foc fox then, may gatas pa sa labi
Melai, Leds and Nani

Next member is the equally pretty and brains, Lady Daamo now Doloroso which is more known to us as Leds. Leds is a very sweet partner. Eon, her husband now, is super lucky to have her as a wife. She’s thoughtful kasi. Her imagination is very wild when it comes to giving surprises and gifts. May it be monthsary, anniversary, valentines, birthday ay super effort yan and she’s very good in it! One thing more about Leds is she’s the best interrogator I’ve ever met. Laging buking si Eon, oh I mean laging napapaamin si Eon kasi she really has a talent in asking and making people paamin of their mistakes. She can be a good lawyer actually.
In terms of characters, Leds and I are almost the same. We both have a strong personality kasi. Palaban hindi paaapi and are very strong willed. Among us, Melai is the most mabait and calm while me and Leds are on the war freak side haha! There was this one time back in college, during our OJT days, we were to get inside an Industrial Park in Sta. Rosa. The security guard is asking us to leave our ID’s in the main gate. We told him we can’t leave our ID’s there because we also need to present it in the company where we will have our OJT. To cut it short, this guard is not allowing us to enter the park.

Our conversation went something like this:
Melai: “Sige na po kuya. Sayang naman po ang punta namin dito kung di kami makakapasok.”
Guard: “Hindi nga pwede. Kailangan magiwan kayo ng ID nyo.”
Nani: “Eh pano nga namin iiwan eh di hindi naman kami nakapasok sa company???” (with matching panlalaki ng mata)
Leds: “Kaya nga! Grabe ka naman kuya! Ma-le-late kami sayo eh!” (with matching panlalaki ng ilong)
Melai: “Please kuya pumayag na po kayo. Next time hingi na lang po kami letter sa company.”
Guard: “Basta hindi pwede, bumalik na lang kayo.”
Nani and Leds: “Hay naku Melai, tara na papasok tayo bahala yan si kuya!”
Without batting an eyelash and without second look kay kuya guard, we headed straight inside the park habang hila namin si Melai. I remember Melai was very scared then and even told us that kuya guard might shoot us with his gun. Kiber lang! See, walang nagawa si kuya guard, nakapasok kami haha!

during our wedding, obviously ;p
we exchanged partners! i so love this photo =)

We go out into the world and did our best. We finished college, employed by different companies, Nani got married and had Mimay, Leds was assigned to Japan, Melai transferred to Manila, Nani went to Dubai, Leds got married too, Melai busy with her business and lovelife… We have our ups and downs, problems and triumphs, fun and troubles. Many things had changed with our lives but our strong friendship managed to remain and survive through thick and thin.

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