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Monday, October 25, 2010


I’ve been contemplating for days, no I think weeks now, to get a pet. It’s a secret to hubby. I know he will not allow me because of so many reasons. But I want it still. I just thought it will be a nice training for our Mimay on becoming a future ate someday. And parang it feels good that you have someone to cuddle after a busy day from work. Of course husband is there I know, I can cuddle him forever but having a pet is different.

Okay, I’m thinking to get myself a rabbit. An adorable, cute and sweet wabbit for Nani! Isn’t that cool? Yun lang, I just don’t know how! Pet here in Dubai?!? Yah it’s impossible because we’re always out 12-13 hours a day, 6 times a week and living in a shared flat. My ‘dream bunny’ might poop and pee anywhere in the house and my flat mates will surely murder my bunny or even worst, me!
Hmmm... Do I still want a pet? Definitely YES but I simply can’t, for many reasons. I’ll be selfish if I’ll pursue this thing in my head. Nobody will take care of my bunny so I just said to myself: “forget it nani!” Sad sad me =(
But nobody can stop this weirdo momma here! What Nani wants, Nani gets =)
Everyone meet my handsome wabbit!

Hahaha!! That’s my Poy munching on prawn tempura I prepared for dinner. Yup you heard it right! I personally prepared and cooked dinner for husband, just for him to wear that cute bunny ears made by Lyn.
Oh eh di may pet na ko yahoo!!!
Forgive me for this baloney blog post. I’m just bored!

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