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Sunday, October 17, 2010


In a world where annulment and divorce rates are rising, people are led to believe that marriages sometimes work and for others don’t. Good luck or bad luck they say, but it’s not TRUE. I do believe that couples are the one responsible to make or break a marriage.

Let me share some ways I read, heard, knew, learned and experienced to make a Happy Marriage last!

1.If there's discontent in the relationship, work on changing yourself, not your partner. Improve things by first taking a look at whether you're the person you want to be then work on changing your “not-so-good” traits before pointing out your partner’s flaws. More often than not, couples are quick to blame their partners for everything that's wrong in their relationship.

2.Learn to fight right. Couples can't think straight when they are in a middle of a boiling argument. Know how to argue productively. When you are about to speak any hurting words, take a breather, and come back to the point of contention calmly. Backing away from an argument isn't "losing." In the end, you both win by being able to find common ground.

3.Never ever compare your marriage or relationship to those of your friends. Each relationship is unique. It doesn't matter what another couple's marriage is like. If you've found what works for you in your marriage, cling to that, pray and focus on your own relationship.

4.Admit it, when we begin to have problems in our marriage, we spend days wondering and fantasizing about how it could have worked with our EX. Leave past relationships forgotten and buried. Instead, focus on the present, learn from past mistakes and know how to improve relationship with your partner.

5.Choose to be happy. Start each day thinking how great your partner is. Stop thinking of cynical things, this will attract negative vibes as well. Appreciate every little thing your partner does to make the relationship work.

6.Always start and end the day with a heartfelt kiss after saying an honest I LOVE YOU.

7.And most importantly, make it a habit to pray together. Involving God in the relationship will make everything work out right.
Being a wife for just barely 2 years and 5 months, I know our marriage is just in the preface period. We are yet to expect more ups and downs TOGETHER as husband and wife. But I’m prepared and excited for this LIFETIME relationship with my one and only Poy.

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