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Thursday, October 27, 2011


Yesterday was a holiday in our office because of Diwali. Our company is owned kasi by an Indian Hindu, and Diwali is one of the most important festival for them hence the free DELICIOUS lunch and the holiday.

The day was filled with lots of picture taking! You’ll be bored seeing all of them so I just chose some to post here in my blog. Souvenir ba.

Since it is an Indian festival, we tried to dress up like one of them. But it will be impractical for me to get a Sari (aside sa pricey sya, san ko naman gagamitin yun after debah?), so I just wore a bindi in my forehead and curl my hair ends. Koneksyon ng Indian sa kulot? Wala! Haha! Trip ko lang! Btw, super thanks to Len for the blouse. Neng hindi ako mukang Indiana, muka akong buntis! Lol!

But I wanna show you my dear friend Cel, kala nyo Indiana no? Kung may awarding lang talaga ng Ms. India yesterday, she’ll surely get the award. May false eyelashes level pa yan. F for EFFORT! :)

Here are some snaps from our billion photos yesterday. Hanggang sa metro pauwi, picture taking pa din. This is what I love most about my current company, we are all friends regardless of the nationality. Pare pareho kasing may mga toyo! Haha!

Aside from leaving the office early, what’s best about yesterday is that, we all get to doll-up kahit minsan lang.

See the difference? Lola’ng lola, I know!

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