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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


As much as I don’t want to put negativity in my post today, I can’t help not to feel bad. Hay let me just release this ha and hopefully I’ll feel better after.

Do you remember my emo post weeks ago? To refresh you, this is about me feeling torn about Mimay and Naynay staying here in Dubai or returning back to Pinas. We prayed about this then come up with the final decision that Naynay and Mimay will return to Pinas before my mom’s visa ends. We have arranged their flight and that is exactly a month from now.

who wouldn’t be sad leaving this cutie?
As I type this, I feel very heavy hearted. Eto na naman kasi. Mahihiwalay na naman sa amin si ineng. Ang sakit na naman but we have no choice. Lalo kami magtatagal dito sa Dubai if we will not be practical with our decision. We also notice that we are becoming selfish if we let Mimay stay here with us growing not like a normal kid. Yun bang may ka interaction na bata din and hindi puro adults. And also, we plan to send her to preschool next June so if we renew my mom’s visa then uuwi din naman sila early next year, sayang naman. Hindi joke ang amount ng visa nya hence it would be really very impractical. 

But I know God’s plans are always better than ours. I fully trust Him. I’ll try not to be sad anymore because I know God will do miracles in our family.

I am just praying for that time where we will never be away from our Mimay. I know that time will come, in God’s perfect time, it will come…


  1. Aww, I thought for good na si cutie Mimay jan with you. But, like what you said, God's plans are always better than ours. Be strong, Mamee Nani, as I'm sure this'll only be temporary. God bless you and your family. =)

  2. Thanks sis mae. But truly God is good, I just posted this entry and may sagot na agad Sya. Can’t tell it yet though but ofcrs you’ll know it soon ;) clue: I think I’m going to kiss johan soon :)

  3. Waah! I posted na agad dun sa latest entry mo before reading your comment here. Hmm, guess, guess..

    Guess #1: Aampunin mo si Johan and bring him there sa Dubai =)

    Guess #2: Nanalo kayo sa lotto kaya uuwi na kayo ng Pinas at never ng babalik sa Dubai

    Well, whatever that is. I'm happy for you. =)

  4. ahaha i love guess#1!!! ano sis?? haha! basta ul be really happy for me :)